For a detailed breakdown of the GVPT Major requirements, please refer to the department’s official guidance (found here on the department website).

Requirements for the the IR Concentration are available here

This table contains a number of classes that have previously been approved to meet one of the above requirements, but also provides additional value in the form of international experiences.

Host Country Title Code Professor Status Credits
UMD Cuba Foreign Policy GVPT-388F William Reed Open GVPT 300
UMD France Race Relations GVPT388R Antoine Banks Coming Soon GVPT 300
UMD Kosovo Peace and Conflict SIT Open GVPT 300

The following courses have previously been approved for use towards the GVPT major requirements. This information is meant to serve as a guide only. Some of the courses listed may no longer be offered at the host institution. Course evaluations over 5 years old are subject to new evaluation. Students must complete a Study Abroad Course Approval form prior to enrolling in an international course.

International Courses
Host Country Title Code Professor Credits
UCT South Africa Conflict in World Politics POL3030F GVPT 300
Manchester United Kingdom Elections and Voters in Britain and the United States POLI30241 GVPT 300
UFSC Brazil International Human Rights PSC405H GVPT 300
UoE Scotland International Political Economy PLIT10018 GVPT 300
SLU-Madrid Spain International Terrorism POLS2640 GVPT 456
UDESA Argentina Latin American Foreign Policy P124 GVPT 300
Yonsei South Korea Security and Insecurity in Northeast Asia IEE3587 GVPT 300
UvA Netherlands Sustainability Politics, Paradigms, and Debates 73220042FY GVPT 300